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Mastiha is undoubtedly on the path to becoming the next global superfood and we are looking for long term, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperations.

What we offer:
• Unique, compact range of products reaching the best efficacy in para-pharmaceutical category
• Natural protection for the whole digestive system
• Flexible conditions of cooperation
• Competitive margins

Existing business partners


Croatia, Italy, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland,
Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Libya, Canada, Russia,
Cyprus, Romania, Palestine & Israel, Georgia



Food supplements

Chios Mastiha Food Supplements contribute to a Healthy Gastrointestinal system:

• Crohn’s disease symptoms relief
• Reduction of Helicobacter Pylori
• Heartburn relief
• Prevention of ulcers & digestive problems
• Retrosternal burning pain relief
• Stomach ache & epigastric pain relief

Oral Hygiene & Dental Snacks

Chios Mastiha oral hygiene products contribute to:

• Calmative treatment of xerostomia
• Massaging & exercising gums
• Enhancement of the feeling of freshness
• Cleanness of the mouth
• Oral health

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Skin Care

Chios Mastiha in skin care products:

• Regenerates the skin
• Relieves from inflammation
• Protects & repairs the skin
• Heals trauma, wound & burns
• Has anti-pollution, anti-microbial,
antioxidant & anti-inflammatory action

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